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APX 4000 P25 Radio The APX 4000 delivers all the benefits of P25 technology in the smallest P25 Phase 2 portable in the industry. Easy to use, tough as nails, and a hard value to beat, it connects public works, utilities, and rural public safety users to first responders for fast interoperable communications. Durable enough to withstand dust, heat, shock, and submersion, the APX 4000 is IP67 and MIL-STD certified. Its packed with key features to help keep you safe like mission-critical wireless, 2-microphone noise suppression, GPS outdoor location, and AES encryption.

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Optional FIPS 140-2 Level 3 AES certified hardware encryption provides tamper-proof security to ensure secure communications.

Optional Multifunction knob
The multifunction knob is designed for ease of use by combining volume, channel, and ON/OFF settings in one.

Integrated GPS*
Enables accountability and location tracking of an individual which can be sent to a map-based location application.

Text messaging*
Offers a freeform or canned messaging solution so you can efficiently and discreetly send and receive messages.

Over-the-air programming*
Motorola's POP25 solution allows portable and mobile radios to be programmed over the air via the ASTRO 25 systems while remaining in the field.

*Optional feature requires ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice and Data.

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